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We Have a Rad New Community Manager!

We Have a Rad New Community Manager!

Roll out the red carpet … meet “Anna” aka Mouse - The newest family member in Bad Company.

Anna recently returned home after four years globe trotting and sun chasing.She’s a lover of red wine, extra, extra strong IPA’s (Mikey has to cap her after two) dark chocolate and Tacos.


In the weekends you’ll find her at the local markets, training for the Queenstown Marathon, adventuring and hanging with mates.


Anna is extremely passionate about the three C’s; Creativity, Community and Collaboration and is a firm believer that you can’t wait for an opportunity, you have to create it. Our girl!


She loves making new connections, discussing ideas and having a laugh so please don’t hesitate to approach her & have a yarn on any work related questions or general banter.

Drop a line to Anna, book a viewing or find out more about our community at anna@badcompany.nz